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"Read My Lips: Stories of a Hollywood Life"

In Read My Lips, actress Sally Kellerman tells the story of a Hollywood that is no more.  Drawing on personal experiences with countless entertainment luminaries - Jack Nicholson and Jennifer Jones – but also leading thinkers of their time - Dr. Milton Wexler and Henry Kissinger – Read My Lips is part The Kids Stays in the Picture, by Robert Evans, part Life, by Keith Richards; the story of a time when black and white turned to color, safe hilltop homes turned to slaughter houses, and fun highs turned into lifestyles of addictions; the archetypal story of what it meant to be an actress in the twentieth century.

Read My Lips promises a revealing look into a glamorous but troubled Hollywood era.

Sally Kellerman has been captivating international audiences and fan alike for more than forty years.  She received an Academy Award nomination for her role as Major “Hot Lips” Houlihan in Robert Altman’s iconic classic M*A*S*H. She also stars in the U.K. cult classic Lost Horizons and classics such as Star Trek and Outer Limits

Read My Lips will be published by Weinstein Books and out April 30, 2013.

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