What is a reverse Kegel?

Published August 16, 2022 tag category
What is a reverse Kegel?

What to Do If Your Partner Has Low Sexual Desire

Does your spouse or partner have low libido and are no longer interested in sex? Don’t despair – here are some things you can do about it.

Learning How To Suck A Penis In Under An Hour – It Can Be Done

Have you ran away from oral sex on man because you just didn’t think you were good enough. Or maybe just placing a penis in your mouth scares you? Whatever the reason, you need to embrace oral sex and have fun with it. Learning how to suck a penis really good is going to help improve your relationship tenfold.

Your Guide To Lasting Longer In Bed

Many men have difficult lasting longer in bed. They cannot control when they ejaculate. There are several ways to look after this problem, and that is what this article intends to show you.

Another 4 Benefits I Gained By Becoming Well Endowed With Natural Penis Exercises

Now, the thing I really like about doing penis exercises to increase the size of my manhood is not just the larger size I obtained (which was an extra 2 inches to get me to a 7 1/2 inch erection, a thicker penis erection, a harder erection, etc.). It also isn’t just the fact that my libido is also increased as well. It also isn’t just the fact that I’m lasting longer during sex. It also isn’t the fact that I’m ejaculating with more power now either. If all that wasn’t enough, there was another 4 benefits I gained by using natural penis exercises to make the size of my manhood bigger:

How to Make Yourself Attractive to Women By Showing Your Confidence

Before you speak a word to a woman, let her see your smile. This lets her know right away that you are a friendly and happy person. She will see your smile and how well-groomed you are and will immediately form a favorable opinion of you. So before you even open your mouth to speak, you have created a great first impression.

The Truth About Astral Sex

Astral projection is an exhilarating experience. The finest component of this process is that it aids us with numerous benefits too. We get the answers and solutions to our problems since it lets us perceive things from a different point of view which is hazily possible during waking hours.

Is Your Diabetes Causing You Problems In The Bedroom?

Diabetes is a disease that can interfere in achieving satisfactory sexual relationships in men and women. The high blood sugar levels in diabetes damage these nerves and blood vessels, causing different sexual problems. Although often stimulated by intimate movies and magazines, sexual desire and sexual responses are involuntary. Autonomic nerves which control the internal organs in the body are also responsible for stimulating sexual desire and generating response to sexual stimuli. When these nerves are damaged, it cannot transmit the autonomic signals that trigger the increased blood flow in the blood vessels to the muscles in the penis for erection and the vagina for lubrication. Damage to the autonomic nerves is further aggravated with blood vessel damage.